More RideForGary Photos More RideForGary Photos RideForGary Car Wash in Cape Coral Julie Rush (a firefighter that hasn't even met Gary yet) organized this car wash and generated about $600 in proceeds. Thanks for your help, Julie! 103475115 The book Gary wrote,"Lie of the Storm" This fictional firefighter novel can be purchased for $10.00 plus $3.00 shipping. If you would like one, just send me an email to Include your address for shipping, and just pay for the time being by making a payment to PayPal through the Donate Button on the Home Page of this site. Make it a separate transaction for $13.00 so I know you are ordering the book. 103475116 Woody Boyd, Julie Rush, and Karyn Muerth Woody's classic Ford Fairlane. 103475117 Me, rideforGary, and his wife Mary Gary is in a wheelchair that can go from sitting to standing with the push of a button. Maybe he will have one someday, then he can start cooking dinner again! And, he'll be able to stand-up at the bar with his buddies. 103475119 RideForGary T-Shirts...$20.00 103475120 Donny, Mo, rideforGary, and Skittles the Schnauzer puppy 103475121 Some of the crew heading up in the fire truck This is a 1980 American LaFrance fire truck that Paul Christman spent about two years restoring. He did an excellent job, it looked and ran great. It's owned by the Cape Coral Professional Fire Fighters Union Local 2424. 103475122 Gainesville Times (photo by Tom Reed) Headed from Fire Station #4 to Fire Station #5 in Hall County. Trying not to spill my coffee! I could get used to having a fire truck escort on all of my rides... 104080512 Nicki and I at Starbucks Taken Fri Oct 29th, 72 miles into my 102 mile ride. Final stats for the day, 102 miles, 10 hrs. 51 minutes pedalling time, average speed 9.4 mph. So glad I met the goal. 104534283 Atlanta Airshow Oct 2010 The Blue Angels were at the airshow, and they did a lot of their flybys at low altitude (they have 3 different altitudes that they primarily go by depending on the weather conditions). 105203229 Marketing Materials... 103475118 Club under construction... Thanks to Alfa T, I heard about the huge airshow and had a free place to park while I unicycled all up and down Cobb Parkway telling people about the rideforgary website. Yes, I'm a little extroverted, and anything but shy. Dozens of people came up to me to grab the website info, and some just stuffed cash in my backpack, so it was a great way to fundraise. It was fun acting like the "town crier" every couple hundred yards hollering at the huge crowd to go to the rideforgary website. So far in less than a month, about 2,000 people have visited the site... 105203230 Motorcycle helmet... Met Ken and Barbie at the airshow. I wasn't planning on wearing my bike helmet while unicycling, but after hearing a scary story from Barb, I decided to wear one. Besides, the FD Union sticker fit with the fundraising. 105203231