Mueller-Pulliam Family Photos... Mueller-Pulliam Family Photos... Roadrunners Ranch 1975 My mom & dad bought this place outside Palm Springs, CA. We moved there from Canoga Park, CA. My brothers and I all became "ranch hands", but since I was only 7, I got off easy and spent my time riding my "go devil" motorcycle and finding various ways to entertain myself. Good times (for me anyway)... 149297852 Easter Austin :) My oldest son, Austin (now 17 this Feb 6th). He was such a fun baby...he set the precedent for his brother Jake, who was also a hilarious baby. I love my boys :) 147933532 Mom (Carol Delaney) & Uncle Bill 147933533 Mom (Carol Delaney) & Uncle Bill 147933534 Mom (Carol Delaney) gets married... My Mom before her first marriage, with my Grandma (Evelyn Pulliam) behind her. 147933535 Mueller Family 1969 I'm the chubby baby with the diaper hanging out...along with brothers Greg, Gary, Dennis, and Eddy. Also pictured is Jed and his sister, and Rhonda Frey-Hovater. 147933536 Canoga Park, California 149297743 Greg, Gary, Dennis, & Eddy in tub Also, Ed Mueller Sr. & Eddy Mueller Junior! 149297744 Grandma & Grandpa Pulliam 1943 ...with Mom & Uncle Bill 149297845 149297846 Mom contemplating... 149297847 Mom in "Bike and Rider" Magazine April 1972. I was 4, and I actually remember this pic being taken. I went to the park with my Mom for this photo shoot... 149297848 article to accompany photo... 149297849 Mom's Birthday 1943 (8 yrs old) 149297850 Rhino one day old... 149297851 149297853 Uncle Bill & I 149297854